Yay or nay for gay? (Same sex marriages)

25 Jul

Following the announcement of the SNP (Scottish National Party) that they plan to pass a bill allowing gay marriages in Scotland, once again there has been strong opposition against this.

Why though?

Some argue that a civil partnership legally isn’t that much different from a marriage. It entitles the gay partners to have exactly the same rights as a married couple in areas such as inheritance, pensions provision, life assurance, child maintenance, next of kin and immigration rights. So what’s the big deal right? If it’s pretty much just the same, where’s the problem? Why change it? It’s only different wording for the same thing.

Well… That is the point. Why does it need to be this different wording? It’s actually a fucking disgrace that we have laws against it. Who are we to tell people they can’t marry? Who are we to say ‘this relationship means more because they’re of opposite sex?’ Why ANYONE should have opposition to this I don’t understand. Why should you care about other people’s marriages? If they are happy and this is what they want to do, then let them, it doesn’t affect you, it has nothing to do with you.

If this was a law against people marrying a foreign person or a black person, there would be outrage. It would be a racist crime. So why is it there against gay marriage? Surely that’s a homophobic crime? A hate crime.

By telling them ‘they can’t do this,’ you’re telling them they’re different. That they don’t deserve the same rights as you, a straight person. Honestly it’s ridiculous. People have different sexual preferences, they always have, they always will. It doesn’t make them ‘animals’ or ‘unnatural.’ It’s rather ironic that the institute that voices the strongest opposition, the Catholic Church, has a horrific history of an actual crime, pedophilia. Catholic priests have been sexually abusing young children in their care for generations and the worst part about it all is the subsequent ‘covering up’ of it by the Vatican. This ‘morally right’ organisation that speaks ‘the word of God,’ has a massive problem with same sex marriages, yet has allowed priests they know have abused children to remain in their positions of trust, whereby they can commit further crimes and thus take a child’s innocence and potential chance of a happy future.

This. Is. Wrong.

If someone wants to marry a carrot, and that carrot wants to marry them, then that’s their decision. They can make it. It shouldn’t be for us or our laws to decide on it. When the law does finally change to allow it, many will see it as a victory for the gay community. But that’s bullshit, it’s not. It’s a demonstration that our so called ‘forward thinking, accepting society’ is finally on it’s way to becoming that, and surely… that’s a victory for all.


Everybody loves Raymond. Really? Reeeeally?!

16 Jul

I think a more appropriate title would be ‘Everybody hates Raymond… And his family, they’re a bunch of cunts as well.’

Firstly, it’s quite a catchy title, well it’s something I’d consider watching at least. Secondly, you’re not committing the crime of false advertising. Honestly, does anyone even like Raymond? Let alone love the fucking twat! And finally, by giving a full synopsis of what the entire sitcom is about in its title, people can decide if they want to watch it from that alone. I mean even someone from my local down-syndrome gang would be able to guess the general plot line of ‘Snakes on a plane,’ unless of course (as is often the case) they’re too engrossed in their alphabet spaghetti to care. But what I’m really getting at is… I’m here to offer a simple solution.

Scrap the title. All it does is scream ‘lies.’

Don’t pay someone $2million for each 30 minute episode. That’s fucking ludicrous! He is READING from a script. He didn’t write this. The (not so) ‘funny’ words that we hear from that o’ so annoying voice are not his creation. This bellmunch gets $2million to act out some shitty scene that’s been done a hundred times before on the show.

‘Oh no, my Mum’s coming over, quick, lock the door. Quick quick. Now, shhh! shhh!’

RAY and WIFE wait silently crouched next to their front door

MUM comes through the back door

Hellooooo, Raymond. Hello sweetie?

The back door! Ohhh no, I forgot! (Raymond slaps his forehead, covers his face and groans)


Is this really funny? No. It’s not. What they should do with that money is invest it in projects that make a difference. Help set up clean water in Africa, build youth clubs for disadvantaged youths, give war veteran amputees prosthetic limbs. Film it all, and show it. Everyone loves seeing an inspiring story. Everyone loves seeing dreams come true. Everyone loves a happy ending. What everyone doesn’t love however… is fucking Raymond.

I got more driftage than ya Mama’s cunt sack

15 Jul

It seems I’m a drifter.
I drift in. I drift out.
In. Out. In. Out.

As to why I have no idea.
No idea.
As I said, I’m a drifter.

A drifter.
That may not mean something to you.
But amongst us drifters.
It does.

A fluctuation can mean ‘o so more.
‘O so more.

Do we really need Albino’s?

My 100th post- This World needs medicine.

13 Apr

When I considered what subject matter I should tackle for my 100th post I must admit I was almost at a loss. For surely, as a milestone, it should be something that is absolutely fantastic. Something that burns the retinas of those reading it. Or failing that, at least something that leaves a damp/sticky patch in the underwear of the reader. Looking back at many of my previous posts I see I’ve often stuck to writing some offensive material and reveled in the angry comments and occasional Jihads that poured in. This is exactly what ‘The Gash Write’ was all about. Too occasionally offend many, yet entertain a few.

The best few. The few who like their humour dirtier than Muhammad’s dusty sandals.

BUT, things change. Now I’m not suggesting that ‘The Gash Write’ won’t continue to do this. Nay, nay. It will, believe me. It’s just that in a world full of so many vile people and happenings, I feel I have to voice an opinion. To condemn these bastards. I don’t expect to change others opinions, I don’t expect to change anything really -yet if I can (in my infinite wisdom) voice some truths about evil that exists in this world, then perhaps one person will tell another, who tells another, who writes about it, their readers tell others, who write about it, who tell… Blah blah blah, you get the idea. The domino effect. This might, you may feel, not change anything in this world, and you’re entitled to think that. Hell, I’m almost of the same mind. Yet as the people of this world become more aware of the atrocities that are committed, the people who commit them have a harder time committing them.

The people who have power are those who set out to have power. These are the worst people to have power for that very fact. I’m not going to bullshit my way through trying to explain what I feel we should do to make this world a better place, because frankly I’d have no idea. Sure, I can think of a few things, but for everyone of those ‘few things’ I could think of, there’s a million other things I’d miss.

Diseases that have never existed before keep cropping up. Incurable ones that actively search out the black genome. Why? Because they were made to do this. To rid this world of ‘useless eaters,’ namely anyone that isn’t white. “This world is over-populated, depopulation is key to its survival.” This is bullshit. Science, love and acceptance are the keys to our survival. I could go on and on, but I feel I won’t express what I want to say with what it deserves. I’m not attempting to portray myself as some type of messiah here, far from it, I am but a sheep in this. What I want to say is ‘out there,’ has been expressed by others, but needs repeating, repeating, repeating.

What I want you to do is listen to this speech by Charlie Chaplin in ‘The Great Dictator.’ Listen to it, don’t watch it. You can watch it after by all means, but for the first time, just listen. Take in everything he says. See how a speech made in a film made 80 years ago resonates perfectly with today’s world. Hear the truth in these words. For one thing is for sure… If the people of this world lived by this mantra, it would be a much greater place.


This is a link for something I wrote previously about AIDS. Where it came from, who made it and why. This is not bullshit. Read some of it, hopefully it’ll grab your interest enough for you to research some of it for yourselves, because I can’t convince you, only you can convince you. You might think ‘fuck off, likely that AIDS is man made’ and dismiss it. But honestly what is the harm in looking into it? This is genocide on a far greater scale than the holocaust, surely if there is even a shred of doubt it’s worth looking into?

If you really can’t be fucked to read it, then at least give the timeline at the bottom of this a read. It demonstrates instances where the U.S. Government has purposely attacked their own citizens using biological warfare. Instances that the U.S. Government has ADMITTED to. If they do this on their own citizens, what do you think they would be prepared to do to citizens of other countries? The answer? Far worse. Hopefully if you’re one of the ‘I can’t be fucked to read the first link,’ it will persuade you to read it after.

My title to this post is ‘the world needs medicine’ and it does. Too much evil exists. Evil created by greed and fear. We need enlightenment and we need it fast.

England, England, England.

30 Mar

My blessed darling country England is in the shit. Why?

The Cuntservitive Party. Anybody who voted for them the last election should hang their head in shame. YOU, are responsible for the hardship that many people now face. How could you not see what was coming? Vote Tory and you get education, welfare and healthcare cuts. Simple. They aren’t a party who looks out for the working man, for the average man. No, this is a party who serves to serve the rich and shit all over the poor.

Those who voted for the Liberal Democrats. Well… I hope you’ve learned your lesson. It’s not your fault. Who could have foreseen Mr Clegg getting on all fours and being finger banged by Cameron whilst having to perform a rim job on Osborne? This should serve as a reminder that power corrupts. I can’t imagine that Mr Clegg saw his life going this way. You can’t expect to do much as a Liberal Democrat MP other than serve your constituency and occasionally ask a question in Prime Ministers questions. So to get to be Deputy Prime Minister must be a dream come true… Except. Mr Clegg has now alienated a whole generation of Liberal Democrat voters. We are unlikely to forget how they have sold their souls to get but a little suckle on the power tit. Shame. On. Them.

Shame on the media as well. The media who were such major cunts to the Labour party and Brown. The media who told you to vote Cuntservitive. The media who now make out like they were against the Cuntservitive’s from the start. The media is fickle, don’t be the same.

I only hope that when the next election comes that people stop and think.
Don’t be told by newspapers who to vote. Don’t just vote selfishly on what is best for you, vote on what is best for this country and its future. Vote for your children, not your tax’s.

Jesus invented the face-fuck.

9 Mar

"Now watch. See how I hold the back of his head? Grip tight and thrust"

"In the name of the father, the son and the holy ghost, bite the pillow."

"Sorry son. No coons. I've got 12 AIDS as it is."

"Better than the last nailing I got. I had to wait 3 days for the resurErection."

Depression, Depression, O’ Depression.

8 Mar

In my personal opinion.
Depression is your mind telling you that you’re not good enough.
So instead of accepting your minds criticism.
Why don’t you fight it?

If your brain is telling you that you’re too ugly.
Tell it to fuck off.
Have you seen a brain? It’s grim.
However ugly you are. You’re still better looking.

If your brain is telling you that you’re too fat, that you can’t run.
Tell it to fuck off.
I haven’t seen a brain go running. Go running. Beat it.
However fat you are. You can still lose it.

If your brain is telling you that you’re too stupid.
Tell it to fuck off.
Remind this brain, ‘you are my brain, you’re the stupid cunt.’

Are you a creative mind and as such see the world slightly differently to those around? Slightly different, yet at times it seems a lot?
Easy menial tasks and things such as Maths are a struggle. Deep down you think you’re different.
It’s because you are. Be happy for it.
Express the person you are. Take your creativity and do something with it, channel yourself through your talents.
And if your brain tells you you’re not good enough.
Tell it to fuck off.
You are.

Fight against depression, don’t accept it. Half the battle is lost when you accept that you have depression. You get caught up in the whirlwind of its misery and wallow deeper, deeper, deeper.

Find any distraction you can.
Run, write, walk, draw, socialize, read, watch.

Don’t think about how miserable you are.
Think about how miserable others should be, yet aren’t. Others who know no different to the daily sufferings they experience.
Your troubles are nothing really. Nothing in the grand scheme of things.
You don’t go to bed starving

This world is an amazing place, take comfort from that.
It’s also a very shit place, take comfort from that.
Be happy that you don’t have to experience ‘the shit.’ -Because you really don’t. You have it good.

Yes, I don’t know you, I don’t know what you’ve been through, so maybe I don’t know ‘if you have it good.’ But the fact you are reading this using a computer or laptop implies to me that you do. Or at the very least, you have the ability to make it good. If you suffer from depression due to something that happened in your childhood, an overly friendly uncle perhaps? Whilst yes, you experienced something awful. Stop and think. Do you really want what happened to ruin your one life on this world? You get one chance to make this life good, so make it. We take so much from our past that we forget the future. Your past shouldn’t inhibit you. It’s gone. It’ll never return. Your future should excite you. It’s coming. You can shape it.

“…… but you don’t understand, what I have is so much more, I try to fight it, but I can’t. It consumes me, I can’t do anything about it.” – Shut the fuck up.

If you’re really too depressed to help yourself get out of it. How about helping others?
– Help at a soup kitchen.
– Work with under-privileged kids.
– Volunteer at a hospice.

It will…
Perspective. In. Things. Put.

Many, many things

21 Feb

There are many, many things.

Things that I
See. Hear. Feel

Not all are good.
not all are bad.

I see more good
I hear more bad
I feel.

Balanced, yay balanced.

Cat-like balance.
Without the fur.
No hairballs for me, my throat is clear.

Like a sunday morning.
A clear one.

Generally, don’t trust Jews.

Say ‘cheese’ (Strictly halal)

17 Feb

Single wish time machine.

28 Jan

If you had the option to go back and change something in your life, what would it be?

You can only change one thing, and one thing only. You can’t change a football score or a school report card. Nothing like that. It has to be something about your life, a single occasion. Maybe you didn’t go on a date that you always regretted, or maybe you went to something and wish you hadn’t. That sort of thing.

If I could change something it would be… ‘That I’d never visited my uncle on March 17th 1995. I’d probably be able to sit on bar stools without swallowing them if I hadn’t.’