Improving. It’s for the best.

9 May

There are those amongst us who look down upon others. They frown. They ignore. They think themselves better. Well I’m here to dispel a few myths. Firstly, its not a myth. They ARE better. Seriously, they are.

If you find yourselves looking down on someone, its normally for good reason. They tut before they say anything, they wear chinos, they eat smooth peanut butter. They are twats. So if you find yourself being looked down upon, perhaps give improving yourself a go. You are most likely annoying and embarrassing those around you. Be considerate. You’re making them look worse. You’re a disgrace.

If however you are reading this and thinking of people you know who are ‘serious embarrassments,’ then maybe you should be more considerate and help compile a list of his/her flaws. Ensure that you are honest, this is of paramount importance. These people aren’t just going to change of their own accord, (this is evident by the fact that despite pissing EVERYone off they have failed to see their flaws and adjusted them to suit you. Selfish cunts) they need encouragement. They need a friend. Unfortunately, they are not going to get any friends on account of who and what they are. And thus they can’t improve. It is a vicious cycle my friends. If I were to rate the viciousness of it, with options of ‘not very vicious, sorta vicious, vicious, very vicious and golly thats vicious,’ I’d probably choose ‘very vicious.’ So all in all, quite vicious.

Now whilst helping those who need it, is deemed a ‘rewarding experience,’ its actually not. They always seem to be moaning. Blah Blah Blah. They just don’t give it a rest. I’m not saying I’m in favour of mass genocide or anything, but I’m just saying ‘lets not rule it out.

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