Why are Muslim people so weird?

24 May


They are not. They are normal people. In fact, they are quite nice people. If you strike up a good conversation with a Muslim, you see they are humble, friendly and incredibly loyal to their faith.

This is not a ‘don’t bomb this blog’ thing by the way. I’m not trying to be complimentary about Muslim people in order to please the Extremist faction. I’m pretty sure they couldn’t actually ‘bomb my blog.’ But I suppose if I was nasty about Islam, they would probably inundate it with vicious threats. Perhaps a few Jihads here and there. It troubles me not. Shhh.

But NO actually I am being serious. They are nice people. I believe it is the idiocracy of others that has painted them as bad. As ‘the enemy.’ As the ‘smelly cats’ if you will.

If we just take a brief look at what yahoo answers have to say on the question ‘Do you believe Muslims are good people?’

1. They are just as guilty as those extremists. They are what you could call “silent supporters”. If they don’t or won’t speak out against the activities of the “bad apples” they must be in favor of them. As an analogy, if they are the “getaway driver” in a bank robbery, they are just as guilty as those inside holding the gun and doing the actual robbery.

2. I would like to believe most Muslims are decent people,but from what I see and hear I have to say they are not. Very few of them will speak out against the myriad of abuses carried out in the name of Islam,and many of them will go out of their way to excuse the abuses. Therefore I can only come to the conclusion that they support the barbarism of the “extremists” So no,I do not believe most Muslims are good people,I believe wholeheartedly that the majority of Muslims support their violent bretheren,just how large a majority supports the extremists is really the only thing left to be seen.

3. No! Last time I checked Christians weren’t killing people in the name of the Lord.

Can you see how retarded these people are? They are spoon fed the same shit day in, day out, and they take it as gospel. Convinced that Christians are better than Muslims, that the Christian faith is a just faith. Wake up Jesus people, your faith is one of the largest killers in history. 

People point to the Muslim extremists. Look around you. Almost all religions have their extremists. I can think immediately of the Christian extremists who bomb abortion clinics and kill doctors. Of the fucked up state of Palestine! Bugger even animal rights activists have killed people involved in testing on animals.

How about the headscarfs? France don’t want them. Consensus seems that most people don’t want them. Yet how is a Muslim wearing her full get up, (‘the Hijab’ I believe it is called, and if you haven’t seen it, it looks very much like a postbox made out of clothes.) any different to a Jewish woman or man wearing their kit. You’ve also got the jewboys (their sideburn…things) to contend with, they are a sight for sore eyes. Sore from the tears of laughter.

I have to be careful here as it may come across as potential ‘race hate’ talk, but in no way is it. I sympathise with their plight, I mean I even cried at Schindler’s list, and no not with laughter this time! God grow up, the Holocaust is not something to joke about in any way, anne frankly anyone doing it should stop joking about something so vile.



2 Responses to “Why are Muslim people so weird?”

  1. lool May 25, 2011 at 12:13 am #

    the guy on the picture is shea.. the most rightious and real muslims are those who are sunna ..

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