Let Jehovah into your house

15 Jun

Well, I spent a little over 2 hours speaking to my Jehovah witness friends today, if you haven’t read ‘The Return,'(3 blogs ago) then you won’t have much idea what I’m talking about, so do it. And if your not willing to scroll down and read that, then to be honest. Go away. I don’t want you here. Bye.

However if you have either read it previously or have taken my rather brilliant advice in scrolling down then wonderful, we are on the same page. Well almost, I’m currently in the ‘admin’ side of ‘The Gash Write,’ whereas you are actually in ‘The Gash Write.’ The major difference between those is that whilst you read, I read and write. AND of course the web address.

https://thegashwrite.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.php – Me.

https://thegashwrite.wordpress.com – You.

Well I’m glad we’ve covered that. But yes, I had a rather long discussion over tea, biscuits and yes you’ve guessed it ‘Scones.’ Now I’m not going to have a bitch about these people because they are nice people. I’m sure not all Jehovah’s are wonderful but my Jehovah friends were. They do understand that a lot of people get annoyed by what they do. Yet they carry on despite this because they feel that it is their duty to God to attempt to save us from our impending doom. I know I personally wouldn’t try to help out people who are complete wankers to me, so I do have to respect for them for this.

Another way of looking at it is… Imagine our impending doom as an illness, lets say its cancer. And the Jehovah witnesses have a cure for it, so they go door to door attempting to cure people. That is how they view it, they are trying to save us. Now don’t fret! I am not turning into one myself. Far from it, but I do advocate being a decent human being to a decent human being. So next time you get some Jehovah witnesses at your door, invite them in for a cup of tea, get to know them. In order to skip a potentially uncomfortable hours worth of preaching, I would suggest telling them (below) and I assure you, you’ll find them lovely people.

“I’m an atheist and I’m are not going to be persuaded otherwise, but come in, welcome, now get some Earl Gray and chocolate bourbons down you.”


What you sayin?

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