Why I don’t like Turkish people

23 Jun

I don’t like them because I got over-charged for a kebab. A whole extra £1.80! It was only meant to have cost £3.20! The bloody cheek of it. I feel like I can never trust another Turkish person again.

Did I trust them implicitly in the first place? Honestly? No.

Sure, I could trust them to rustle together a tasty kebab, though even then, I’ve had some bad kebab experiences… But could I honestly trust them with my money? Or worse still, with my girlfriend? No, I could not. Though I’m sure if I knew them as a friend then of course I could. So perhaps it’s not a case of me not trusting them because they’re Turkish but a case of me not trusting them because I don’t know them. Why fantastic! That is a worry off my mind! It’s nothing racist, it’s just a case of me not having a friend who’s Turkish. I will get onto this. Soon. Maybe I’ll even be-friend a few… but let’s not get too carried away, 3 max. But who knows? Maybe I can even get a cheaper kebab?

There’s a world of advantages out there to be had, so do something for me will you? Find yourself a friend from a different country, learn to trust them, learn a little about his/her culture and just generally express an interest- they’ll love it! Or not, you can never tell with these foreigners. Sneaky fuckers.


2 Responses to “Why I don’t like Turkish people”

  1. Mert July 21, 2012 at 1:43 am #

    So basically, you don’t like “Turkish people”, I mean the whole Turkish community, just because one of them was bad to you 🙂 Come on… Have a heart…

    • The Fiddler Scribbler July 23, 2012 at 2:29 pm #

      Well as I said I would do in the article, afterwards I strived to become friends with some Turkish people. Successfully might I add!

      Turks are great, until they are watching their favourite football team… then they’re fucking NUTTERS! 🙂

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