Anders Behring Breivik – Hero or Villain?

24 Jul

Anyone who has watched or read the news in the past few days will be well aware of who Anders Behring Breivik is. But what about the man, who is he? Is he a lone warrior who fights against Marxist oppression and the influx of Muslims in his beloved land? Or is he just a massive massive wanker?

As you might of guessed it’s the latter. Anders was just a sad, pathetic loner who really showed how much of a ‘real man’ he is by killing teenagers, actions he describes as ‘gruesome but necessary.’ He quoted John Mills ‘One person with a belief is equal to the force of 100,000 who have only interests’ whereas I feel that ‘one person with a colon will feel the force of 100,000 prison rapes‘ is now more appropriate.

Anders, I hope you get torn to pieces.


39 Responses to “Anders Behring Breivik – Hero or Villain?”

  1. Sidharth Sharma July 24, 2011 at 12:47 pm #

    will you shut the fuck up you goddamn wimp.Anders is a hero a real hero.He stood against stupidity and stupids like you and most of all he’s a hero because he stood up against those stupid al-qaeda supporting teenage and stupid indian assholes trying to take over his country and litter that beautiful country with their dirt.I wish he would have killed you instead.Fuck wimps like you and go to hell.Oh and one more things i don’t actually support what he did.His objective is completly right that is stop islamist ppl taking over his country but his methods were extremely wrong.Instead he should have formed somthng like a big party’win the electionsand kick all asian fools out of norway.Thank you very much.You fool ppl he’s not a retard but a lonely warrior trying to save his country.

    • thefiddlerscribbler July 24, 2011 at 2:14 pm #

      “He stood against stupidity and stupids like you”

      Well firstly, ‘stupids like you.’ Do you realize how stupid you look with a statement like that…

      Secondly, “those stupid al-qaeda supporting teenage and stupid indian assholes trying to take over his country and litter that beautiful country with their dirt.” Are you retarded? In what way is going to a youth camp and shooting teenagers anything to do with Al-Qaeda? I’m assuming that you’ve never actually EVER been to Norway since you know fuck all about it. How are indian arseholes taking over their country? Honestly how? I’ve actually lived in Norway and failed to see any evidence of that, but I suppose I should take the advice of someone with the email ‘,’ you clearly have an extensive knowledge of these things

      And you saying he is a hero has demonstrated to anyone who reads this how much of a massive massive twat you are. I’d love to lock you in a room with the relatives of the victims whilst you describe to them why this man is a hero.

      And finally and most importantly. You are a cunt.

    • Hassam July 24, 2011 at 11:21 pm #

      My condolences to everyone in Norway ‘thefiddlerscribbler’ as this is a great tragedy.

      Have some sense Sidharth…He killed innocent teenagers for what? How can a community of less than a hundred thousand people take over an entire country? There are about 3% people in Norway which are Muslims.

      Stupid Indian Assholes???? Your the perfect example of one who can be said that!

    • Alex July 25, 2011 at 3:58 pm #

      lol its funny to see that coming from an INDIAN lol fucking self hater!

  2. Luke the king July 24, 2011 at 2:58 pm #

    Fair play to him. That’s a big total of people to gun down. Has to make him one of the best mass murderers of all time. That is an achievement of sorts I reckon.

    • thefiddlerscribbler July 24, 2011 at 3:07 pm #

      Well my girlfriends friend is currently in a coma because of the twat, so whilst he did ‘gun down’ an incredible amount I can’t really abide with ‘fair play to him.’

      I’m not having a go or anything, I do understand where your coming from. I mean if this was a Call of Duty score card you’d be taking photos and sending it to friends, but lets not forget he did this to defenceless children, the blokes a twat.

  3. Luke the king July 24, 2011 at 4:28 pm #

    He must have been a bit disappointed he didn’t get his century.

  4. Slobodan July 24, 2011 at 7:21 pm #

    To treba da se šalje po celom svetu, Svet treba da zna za zločinački NATo Za bombardovanje Srbije. Za ,malu Milicu. Ovo je prilika da se svetu otvore oči. Zašto bi Srbi Čutali dok ih se kolje?

    • Miloš July 25, 2011 at 1:20 pm #

      Dragi Slobodane,

      Bilo bi dobro da se prvo naučiš jezik na kom pišeš i upoznaš sa pravilima gramatike pre nego što ostavljaš komentare po sajtovima. Osim toga – stidi se.

      Dear Slobodan,

      It would be useful if you first got acquainted with the grammar of Serbian language before leaving comments on websites.
      On a different note – you should be ashamed of yourself.

  5. The Living Tibunal July 25, 2011 at 3:08 am #

    The guy wanted to save his country and he’s crucified for it…. did he go by it the right way? No. Could he of done anything that would of changed things for the better for his country in another manner? Not a chance.

    In the end there will be no absolute diversity and it will be a very sad day.Muslims,African’s,Mexican’s and other minority’s that are well known for tearing up their own countries and killing each other over everything from religion to self destruction due to multiple reasons will flock to other countries legally or illegally and repeat history,it will stress other countries in multiple ways to the point of economical,emotional and absolute collapse,eventually the entire world will be engulfed/overpopulated by multiple cultures and it will be a mess that only a natural catastrophic event could repair.

    History repeats itself but on a larger scale this time.

    However my opinion is we should stay on the status quo and continue towards the inevitable downward spiral that will bring forth the end of man as we know it and hopefully one day in the far future diversity will live again in their own lands and prosper with out leaching,stealing,killing and living off of others by forcing their populous onto foreign lands…

    people should stay in their own countries to balance nature,diversity and self reliance after all there is a reason why we have multiple cultures.

    • thefiddlerscribbler July 25, 2011 at 6:29 pm #

      “Could he of done anything that would of changed things for the better for his country in another manner? Not a chance.”

      Are you joking? In what way has he changed things for the better in this manner? He hasn’t. Did he attempt to change things for the better in another manner? Not a chance. His manifesto and diary shows that this man was looking to be glorified, spoke of his future media interviews, bragged about his links to various racist groups and all in all was a lonely narcissistic fanatic. I have no sympathy for him, if you have a problem with a 3% Muslim population you don’t go on a teenager killing rampage, you poison the halal meat.

      • Kenneth November 29, 2011 at 6:20 pm #

        Well, I am a Norwegian, and has lived in Norway all my life. He DID try to change it politically, and as his manifesto clearly stated: “I’ve tried to change it politically, without luck. This is drastic measures which I take on with great sadness.” This is a loose translation, so if it’s not translated correctly, I am sorry.

        thefiddlerscribbler, I think you should try to see what he actually wanted with what he did. He wanted to remove the sitting Government that is trying to get more “non-western” people in, and removing it’s future by attacking the youth camp. By the way, the guy was seen as a paranoid schizophrenic, so he will never sit a day in a cell. The problem with our country is that people with his opinions is seen as insane people, because they think differently. That is the sadest chapter of this already sad story.

        • The Fiddler Scribbler November 29, 2011 at 11:05 pm #

          Hello Kenneth,

          I’m currently living in Norway myself so was able to get a bit of the ‘home reaction’ to the decision that Anders was declared insane. Most people I’ve spoken to are happy that he won’t have a large publicized court case from which he can state his case and potentially sway vulnerable nationalists like himself. I personally don’t believe that Anders was insane before or after the attacks. I have to agree with you that because of his opinions and his lack of remorse he has been declared insane, just because someone has schizophenia doesn’t mean they are insane. I can see what he was trying to do (through his STOLEN manifesto) but cannot see how the actions he took could in anyway achieve them.

          Norway is accepting refugees just like almost every other European country. Should Norway be exempt from this? I’m from England and we have taken on an incredible amount of refugees and immigrants (not all legal!) in the last 15 years (more than your entire population).

          The Labour party are not pushing for ‘non western’ people to move in, if anything that would be your far left socialists who are doing that. As to wiping out the future of the labour party… these are still children. Regardless of their future paths, these are… were sorry, children.

          We shall see when the next elections come around what happens, but I personally believe Anders will have achieved the direct opposite of what he set out to do. The labour party will do well, and Norway will show the world that this hasn’t affected them, they shall remain a liberal, forward thinking country who accepts refugees into a much better society than the one they left behind.

          My personal opinion of Anders (which I feel are validated by his constant ‘I’m a knight of…blah blah claims) is that he was a loner who read some political theorems, read them wrong, got swayed by nationalistic blogs, forums etc… and decided on making himself a martyr. A plea for attention.

          Thank you for your constructive comment though 🙂

  6. I've had enough July 25, 2011 at 9:27 pm #

    I think what he wanted to accomplish was noble, however his approach in killing fellow Christians was unholy. Sadly, this was the only way to grab people’s attention, too bad he couldn’t have framed muslims for it. For now he will be seen as the villain but one day he will be seen as the hero, these are all relative to the events that will take place in the future. He gave up his soul to save his fellow Christians and for that I say he is the hero.

    • thefiddlerscribbler July 25, 2011 at 9:37 pm #

      He has not saved fellow Christians in any way. Attacks like this breed further attacks.

      I don’t see how you feel this was ‘the only way’ to grab people’s attention. It was far from the only way. Why do you feel that Christians are in danger from Muslims? Because more and more people are shunning leading Christian lives. That’s the religions fault, not another religions. Grow up, Muslims and Christians can live peacefully together, it’s fools like you who doubt it who make it more precarious.

      ‘too bad he couldn’t have framed the Muslims for it’ – Your views are disgusting, and he will never be seen as a hero by those who possess a brain

      • Hassam July 25, 2011 at 10:21 pm #

        I couldnt agree more ‘thefiddlerscribbler’.

        Muslims and Christians have lived in peace in Norway in the past and will continue to do so in future. This incident will bring Christians and Muslims closer more than ever before.

      • I've had enough July 25, 2011 at 10:24 pm #

        Scribbler, you are blind to what actually goes out there. Christians are the most persecuted on this planet. It is because of Christianity that the west has come to be a free and democratic society while islamic states oppress Christians and their own people. You live a comfortable life and have not seen the monstrosities that await a Christian woman and man for choosing to worship as they please. Saudi Arabia is a perfect example. The only reason why we do nothing is because they hold a substantial amount of oil that makes us tolerant of their intolerance. Look at Somalia, they are now officially in a state of famine yet their own muslim brothers and sisters don’t feed them or take care of them, it is the Christians that go out of their way to help.

        You think I am a fool yet you haven’t read history. You are ignorant of events that have taken place and that continue to take place today. I think we would be able to live in peace with them if they allowed us the freedoms we allow them, they come to our countries and use our laws against us and to gain foothold here yet if we speak our minds or choose to attend religious services in their countries we are herded off to prison, our women raped, and our children taken from us. How is that living in peace, again you are ignorant.

        Sometimes evil is needed in order to do good, a fireman sometimes burns a fire to suck up the remaining oxygen in order to put the fire out. I think with logic and reason. Again, I don’t agree with killing fellow Christians but he did what he did. Tactically it would be beneficial to have framed them. I think that a strong will will bring us to where we need to go, it is the reaction that we need to be prepared for, like the animals that they are, they will use violence to stop us and that is when violence must be used in return. I don’t have enough time to hold your hand and show you what has happened in history (Don’t use the Crusades, that was a just cause and they did start it. We defended Europe once and will do so again.). If you are a brother/sister in faith, I would gladly put my life on the line for you but only when you stop being naive, that goes for the entire Western world. Peace and love to the fallen and their families and to you.

        • Vertigo-Free April 19, 2012 at 10:52 am #

          You are a complete twat and if you feel that he did the right thing then please pleeeeaaase go outside with a sign post and yell just how much you love him and think he did the right thing, I dare you you unemployed delusional prat. Do that and see just how many people can butt fuck you in 1
          second. You won’t because you haven’t got the balls for it, all you can do is sit on the Internet and rant. Muslim leaders oppress their own people? Yes but have you thought about WHY??? Okay Syria, the ruling elite in Syria are christian Arab and alawi Shiites, who are funded by Russia and advised as to how to better oppress their people. Iraq Saddam before the war was an American funded “wild dog” who was used to maintain pressure in the middle east. King Abdullah of Jordan is a half Jewish guy who maintains power with funding from Israel and the united states, ahmedinijad….he’s just ahmedinijad god knows what goes on in his mind, the Saudi family? Their power is maintained with ridiculous amounts of money, political support and military bases which are all contributed by the united states, gadafi? Before he fell out of favor he came to power with the help of??? United states of Americunts. Hosni Mubarak? He maintained power until his ousting with the help of Israel and the jewnited states of america.. Sounds like all these ass hole dictators were put there and kept there by you freedom loving democrats. In order for there to be a plus there must be a minus it’s maths, it physics and it’s life, you live in a nice country only because of their suffering and you still manage to bitch about it..3% of Norway too much??? They deserve 50% you twat so stfu with all your breivik, racist crap, you obviously don’t know what’s going on in the world. Fiddlescriber is right you lot are a bunch of wankers.

  7. NastyDog July 26, 2011 at 4:42 am #

    Wrong, in Oslo, 25% are Muslims. The Labor Party is a cultural Marxist party that wants p do things like allow police to wear hijabs…

    • thefiddlerscribbler July 26, 2011 at 9:26 am #

      Wrong…! Someone appears to get their knowledge from wikipedia.

      Oslo’s Muslim population is less than 8%. I’ve lived there, the only immigrant people you see are working, giving something back to the society they live in.

      You’ve taken the 25% are from immigrant backgrounds as ‘oh they are all Muslim,’ your wrong. That includes Swedes, Brits and Poles aswell

    • Hassam July 26, 2011 at 12:12 pm #

      During 2010, the population growth among immigrants was very high, with 41 200 persons. Only in the year 2008 has the growth of immigrants been higher, with 41 900. As in the last few years, the number of Polish immigrants grew the most in 2010, by 7 600. There has also been a noticeable increase in the number of Lithuanian and Swedish immigrants, by 5 700 and 2 800 respectively.

      The increase in the number of immigrants during 2010 is mostly a result of immigration from Europe. The population growth among immigrants from Europe consisted of 27 400, out of a total population growth among immigrants of 41 200 persons.

      With a total of 57 000 persons, immigrants from Poland make up the largest group. The other large groups of immigrants are Swedes (33 000), Germans (23 000) and Iraqis (21 000).

  8. Jackson July 26, 2011 at 10:04 pm #

    Fuad Kamal is a radical Muslim who posts hate speech on Anaara Media and hates the West. Fuad Kamal is on the FBI’s Watch List and is related to the extremist Kamal family in Iraq. Fuad Kamal links Anaara Media to Al Qaeda websites throughout the world. He studied computer linking and is a key operative in the worldwide Jihadist network because of his connection to the Kamal family in Iraq.

  9. Anders fan July 26, 2011 at 10:10 pm #

    I’m from Norway and would consider myself as one of the silent majority who support Anders and believe he did a great thing, I’ve talked to a lot of my friends and most are in agreement, some think he took the wrong actions but most agree with his sentiments, this ‘outpouring’ of grief is staged for purely political reasons, the Labour party will milk it as best they can, vote for me because my friend got shot.

    Anders Behring Breivik I salute you.and may more follow in your footsteps.

    • thefiddlerscribbler July 27, 2011 at 11:27 am #

      Unnskyld meg men er du seriøs??? Du ser på deg selv som en i det “stille flertallet” som støtter ABB Jeg er lei for å måtte skuffe deg og dine idiotiske tanker men for det første er dere IKKE i flertall, hvis dere er stille er det fordi dere har en jævlig god grunn til å holde kjeft om det dere mener om denne saken, og for det tredje hva i helvete har det å massakrere ungdommer på sommerleir med hans meninger om innvandring å gjøre? Jeg har en venn fra regjeringskvartalet som ligger i koma akkurat nå, hun stemmer ikke Ap engang!!

      Landesorgen som pågår nå er reell, dyp og kommer til å vare lenge. Du er ikke annet enn en bortskjemt norsk drittunge som aldri har opplevd annet enn å ha fått sydd puter under armene på seg. Og ja! ABB er faktisk det verste som noen gang kunne skjedd deres ufyselige sak! Ap kommer til å få så mye sympati og støtte etter dette, OPS Anders, dette slo visst tilbake på det du kjempet imot. Takk for at du gjorde alle med liknende syn som deg en bjørnetjeneste. GOSS! Dere fortjener ikke å kunne tenke. Vær så snill, slå på en episode av Paradise Hotel og hold deg til det. Virker som det er det tyngste stoffet hjernen din kan ta til seg.

      Hvis dere har så ufattelig mye imot Ap’s politikk, stem imot da vel!! Ikke slakt ned uskyldige mennesker som ikke har noe med det å gjøre! Dersom du har rett og noen følger ABBs fotspor håper jeg de starter på din families dør først. Så får vi se da vettu, hvor stor helt du synes vedkommende er.

      • anders fan July 27, 2011 at 3:45 pm #

        Firstly, the blog is in english, it’s ignorant not to post in English.

        Labour are primarily responsible for the trend to turn Norway into an Islamic republic, that is why they were targeted, and it wasn’t a summer camp for kids, it was a fervent political indoctrination camp where future labour polititians were planning how to import more muslims into Norway and how to destroy Norwegian culture in favour of Islam.

        As for your friend no doubt he was socialist left and they are just as bad.

        Also you are nothing but a hypocrite crying over these deaths them hoping my family gets killed, you are the same as Anders, the very same.

        • thefiddlerscribbler July 29, 2011 at 10:40 am #

          Firstly I didn’t believe you were Norwegian, because I couldn’t believe any Norwegian would show any support for Anders, and if I’m speaking to a Norwegian, why not have it in Norwegian? Also I don’t believe there is a silent majority supporting Anders. Silent? Yes and as you should be for supporting such evil, and majority? Hardly. You need a majority to call it a majority.

          Naturally there will be a lot of Norwegians who have an issue with immigration, its the same everywhere. But as for you and ‘your friends’ agreeing with his sentiments. That’s bullshit. I could easily go and slaughter some children at my local nursery and blame it on the Government for not doing enough about acid rain. I really do not understand how some people view what he did as tackling the issue. He didn’t! He just killed a number of children.

          “it wasn’t a summer camp for kids, it was a fervent political indoctrination camp where future labour polititians were planning how to import more muslims into Norway and how to destroy Norwegian culture in favour of Islam.”

          Yes I bet that was listed as the number one priority on the agenda. Fool. As for the friend, no SHE just worked there. She deserves this? Her family deserve this? Because of one man trying to go down in history as this self styled crusader? As this admirable martyr? No, this man will go down as a monster.

          Also if you read correctly I didn’t wish your family to get killed. I said after your disgusting “Anders Behring Breivik I salute you.and may more follow in your footsteps.” – that if someone does follow in his footsteps, I hope they start at your families door to see how much of a hero you think they are then. I’m not wishing death on your family, far from it. I don’t want this to happen again, you do.

          And lastly, learn to show a bit more respect to your murdered countrymen and their families. Twat.

      • Tom Jones August 3, 2011 at 4:49 am #

        “Unnskyld meg men er du seriøs??? Du ser på deg selv som en i det “stille flertallet” som støtter ABB Jeg er lei for å måtte skuffe deg og dine idiotiske tanker men for det første er dere IKKE i flertall, hvis dere er stille er det fordi dere har en jævlig god grunn til å holde kjeft om det dere mener om denne saken”

        Of course he’s serious. I’m also supporting ABB. I, among others, support the Oslo bomb, but NOT what happened in Utøya.
        And why do you tell us to shut up about our opinions?
        (“holde kjeft”) Didn’t our “dear” Jens Stoltenberg tell us to be more open and tolerant towards others opinion? I did not know any of the people that got killed. I have no reference to any of the happenings. I’m even married to a foreigner. But I still think the Ap politics are wrong! So if I do not shut up. If we met one day and discussed politics. What would you do because I have other opinions than you? By treathening other people like this, you prove one thing, ABB was right in his saying.
        Multiculturalism do not work.

      • Nilsen August 24, 2011 at 5:08 pm #

        The point is, go about with your opinions in a constructive manner, performing a massacre on innocent people with no power and blame is not something I define as such. So no, I still cannot believe he is serious when he states that more people should follow his footsteps. Especially since, in a rational goal-orientated way it is very likely to empower AP’s position in Norwegian politics. But I guess we will see after the elections in September.

        Over to the claim that he and others like him are in a ‘silent majority’, it is just completely bullshit! Clearly you are not; otherwise the red-green coalition wouldn’t be in government the last two periods, FrP probably would or perhaps something similar with Føreren, Il Duce or Der Fürer i.e. some other powersick twat that thinks *he has the right to dictate over which the ’right’ culture is and which aren’t. And I obviously think those opinions, and the actions following, from for example paedophiles, rapists and killers etc. who hurt others without any notion of consideration and regret for other people should keep their opinion to themselves or at least not act on it. On the other hand, I wish with all my heart that the perpetrator of the Oslo bombings and massacre would aim all the energy he spent plagiarism his manifesto, documenting every fart he aired, into conversation with other human beings which could offer him some critique, feedback and constructive arguments. I am not asking anyone to shut up about their political opinions! Maybe this would lead him into thoughts about whether or not his opinions and goals were enough justifications for his actions. It seems like he’s been sitting a lot for himself, reading political texts without understanding them properly, and convincing himself that they are supporting his views. So please, find a better idol, one that knows as many sides of the opponent’s arguments as with their own, someone who deserves it! And always be critical.

        If I ever met you to discuss politics, we would definitely have A LOT of different views, and I do not think I would be able to convince you or change yours nor would you with mine, but I am certain that we would both leave the conversation with new sides of thought, new questions to answer and probably a hangover. But most definitively new motivation to find the shiny middle way in the scary extremes AND lots of wrongs in the Ap-politics (and everyone else’s, really..)

  10. Hansi July 27, 2011 at 10:18 am #

    A real hero, to see what evil he was fighting, just read his manifest
    google: “a european declaration of independence” (+scribd)

  11. Bob Builder July 29, 2011 at 10:05 am #

    Sad to see such amounts of stupidity and intolerance…
    I would guess “I’ve had enough” could be right about “fiddlerscribbler” on the subject whether or not he’s been around and seen the atrocities around the world. And the only reason I would doubt it, is that so few of us have.
    On the other hand, looking at the rest of “I’ve had enough”‘s scribblings, it shows a hateful and twisted view of the world. I don’t believe he’s been around much either.
    In Saudi-Arabia and the UAE they tolerate western people to a much larger extent than we deserve. The majority if muslim immigrants in Norway, earn our tolerance by being open-minded to our society and customs. The intergration is hard for them, and there are many practices that are quite normal in their culture which we wish they wouldn’t. Like arranged marriages of minors. But this needs to be met with understanding and peaceful talks about why we do not accept it in our society. They should not be spat at in the streets just because they have different customs. It would take time for them to be comfortable with the loss of such traditions.
    Whilst western people in Saudi-Arabia and UAE on the other hand, are shown tolerance and respect even though many hides their true feelings and malcontent. And why is that? Because western people go to these countries with a total lack of respect for their culture. We go about doing whatever we would do in our own countries. We are visitor, but make ourselves at home quite easily and without thought towards how we might offend others. The majority of muslims are strong in faith and consider christians to be misguided brothers in faith, but brothers in faith none the less. We, christians, jews and muslims are all believers of Allah/God, Abrahams God. And according to the prophet Muhammed, may peace and honor be granted to him and his family, were christians in need of help or protection it would be a muslims duty to lend a hand. And the majority of muslims abide by it. I have seen a lot more compassion towards strangers, in countries where Islam is the main religion, than I have in Norway. In Afghanistan, a poor farmer would share all that he had with you if you came to be his visitor. He would find his freshest piece of nan, and cleanest batch of water to honor you as his guest.
    Norway is a beautiful country, but with its secular christians, it can’t compare when it comes to the compassion a muslim would grant a total stranger.
    They still abide by the golden rule, whilst the western world seems to have forgotten.
    And yes, I am fully aware of the horrors of Taliban and al-Qaeda and Islamic fundamentalists, but they ARE NOT the majority.

  12. Gary July 29, 2011 at 6:18 pm #

    Breivik is a true hero. We need thousands more brave men like him.

    • thefiddlerscribbler July 31, 2011 at 2:25 pm #

      And what do we need them for? To slaughter children?
      Or are you just a fan of narcissistic racists?

      Do you honestly believe that you would be calling him a hero if he’d killed a member of your family? Would you find his sentiments noble still? No, you wouldn’t. You, like any person with a brain would see him for exactly what he is, not a hero… but a twat

  13. I've Had Enough August 5, 2011 at 6:15 am #

    Bob, we know that’s not your real name you mouhamadien.

    You are wrong and ignorant of the the way the governments of the middle east work. Yes I have been around and yes I have seen. I don’t hate the world, in fact I love it. I love the west, I love what we have accomplished. Logically we do have to be evil in order to maintain our way of life. Greatest love is for one who lay down his life for his friend. That was true in the Crusades and true in what Anders did {He gave up his freedom}. (Again I do not condone the killing of innocent Christians as a means to an end.)

    How is it that in Saudi Arabia show’s tolerance and respect? Which self serving left wing web page did you read this from? In Saudi Arabia it is against the LAW to wear a crucifix, utter a Christian prayer, or read from your bible, even in your own home. Not too long ago two Christian women were beheaded in a Saudi prison for praying and reading from the bible. We had to change our family name from Israel to something else or face jail time/seizure of assets/deportation, this was in Iraq only because it had similarities to hebrew.

    My perfect solution would be what Netherlands’ future leader, Geert Wilders, wants to do. Deportations on massive scales for those who don’t assimilate and complete refusal of any immigration claims from muslims. I don’t want to shoot them, I don’t want them to leave but I don’t want them to push their ideals on the west. Looking into the past we see that the middle east used to be Christian until around 600AD. Thanks to the muslims launching a campaign against Christians we had to respond with the Crusades, by this point we had lost over half of the Christian Kingdom. It is time we pushed back before scenes like this occur all over Europe and the Americas. Then we would have another full on Crusades, this time it won’t stop. With this day in age’s technology and fire power, one side could easily crush the other side indefinitely.

    Let’s address the issue of Islam, you say they are not the majority when you speak of fundamentalists. So like Geert says, not all muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are muslims. Explain that, if you can. 15% and in some cases nearly 30% of muslims are radicalized in their thinking. Around 40% agree with the actions of these fundamentalists and nearly 70% would like to see Sharia law to be applied before our laws are. (statistics were drawn from local muslims in the UK by an arab speaking person. (Should be noted when the exact same survey was conducted in English and the statistics dropped to show tolerance.) All they do is deceive us. To me this sounds like this is a conquest that they want to happen. That same farmer would kill off the rest of the Christians in that area if he saw the rest of his buddies do the same. Also they share to show off, you don’t know this about arabs but they will put on their finest feasts (even if it bankrupts them) just to show they have value. Look at the middle east for this very example.

    Oh and something to think about; you say that you guys help your neighbours? look at your somali brethren, they are starving and you guys do nothing to help them. But oh, wait.. it’s the horrible crusaders coming to your aid again and feeding you… again.

    Don’t be sheeple!! The western world has been and always will be the richest and most advanced due to the fact that we love freedom and our religions (Christianity and Judaism) are the root of that freedom. Don’t be ashamed of this, don’t apologize for it. {Yes I know that they have money too but only for the time being, see what will happen if we find a new source of energy, just a hundred years ago they were living in tents eating kabobs}

    >>>Oh and moooooohamad is a pedophile who married a 6 year old. You should know a bit about your leader.<<< and btw, we aren't cousins, I know this because I'd easily watch your entire culture vanish and not blink.


    • Bob Builder August 8, 2011 at 12:30 am #

      My culture vanish? My somali brethren neighbours?
      I’m a norwegian lutheran dipshit.

      • Bob Builder August 8, 2011 at 12:32 am #

        As you might have understood, I meant to call YOU a dipshit, not myself lol.

  14. I've Had Enough August 5, 2011 at 6:17 am #

    Gary, what we need is a strong leader in each country who will do what the people want him/her to do. Only then will we be able to see progress without violence. In a way separation of church and state is a fantastic idea but we should have also written the teachings of the church into our constitution. This has been our biggest downfall, our forefathers never knew we’d fuck up this bad.

  15. Muslimsarescum May 11, 2012 at 8:24 pm #


    The muslims mass raping of Norwegian girls:

    Massevoldtektene av norske kvinner må hevnes mer. Marxistene er de direkte skyldige for alle mordene og voldtektene ikke svartskallesøppelet som utfører jobben for Stoltenberg.

    Østkanten elsker Breivik!

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