What I hope happens to ‘the hero’ Anders Behring Breivik

25 Jul

“I couldn’t just shoot him first though mate, your having a laugh int ya? Nah, oh no, that would be like hoofing a cream cake whole, without you touching the sides you know what I mean? I believe it would be quite rude not to torture him first, you know what I mean though mate, do ya? Thumbscrews instantly spring to mind, you know, followed by an intense session of electrodes in the the testicles. Yeah, yeah, a fucking wire coat hanger down the japs eye, you know what I mean, really fucking hurt the geezer, you know what I mean and finally a bullet between the eyes, and its time to say hello to the man you’ve been working on Earth for all this time, see you later on Anders, no one gives a fuck about ya, BOOM”

Firstly lets establish the fact that Anders is no hero. Some are portraying him as this Jesus type figure who has crucified himself to combat the encroachment of Muslims into his country. Admirable?  Brave? Revolutionary? No, killing 92 people, most of whom were teenagers is not admirable or brave. Neither is it making a stand against multi-culturalism. It’s being a pathetic loner who views murdering these innocents as a way to become famous and be revered in history as some type of martyr for their country. Muslims make up just 3% of the population, 3%! It’s not exactly like Norway’s  ‘swarming’ with them. Anders is not a martyr, he’s a racist. Now anyone who has read my previous posts will see that I have on occasions poked fun at Muslims, as I have at Christians, Jews, Jehovahs and just about everything else on this earth. But where my fondness of semi-racist humour stops is when it is actual racism. When rather than having fun at a stereotype, people actually dislike others because of a stereotype.

Secondly, lets remind ourselves of exactly what he did in cold blood. You could say that with the bomb he could have had an ’emotional detachment’ to it, because whilst he did kill and injure people, its wasn’t directly in front of him. The massacre on the island however is disgusting. He has shown no remorse which I suppose is to be expected, given that he believes he has given a gift to the Norwegian people. But this man is no hero of Norway, he killed so many of his own countrymen in such a cold hearted way, gathering the youths around him disguised as a police officer giving news of the Oslo bombing, before opening fire and then hunting them down in there droves. I’ve seen one particularly horrible picture where a teenager surrounded by bodies is on his knees pleading with Anders. Needless to say Anders didn’t show mercy. He’s an evil, evil bastard, and anybody who suggests this man is a martyr should place themselves in the victims families shoes and ask if you would find this man a martyr, or a twisted evil man who had taken your child’s life.

What cannot be doubted is the efficiency in how he fulfilled his task. Years of planning finally came to a climax on Friday, and Anders ensured that his name and actions became world renown.  Anders will be remembered by most as a brutal mass murderer who showed no remorse. Others who glorify his actions and will see him as a beacon of resistance against the rise of socialism and Islam. No, no, no, no, no. I need to now reiterate that this man killed children, a lot of them. And one final last time, this man killed children, a lot of them. Fuck it, again, this man killed children, a lot of them.

An event like this once again opens the debate about whether television and video games glorifies violence and influences people to do it themselves. This debate is normally directed at whether it has an affect on children, however Anders was known to play Call of Duty and watch the TV series Dexter religiously, which follows the life of a mass murderer. When Anders was 25 years old he became addicted to World of Warcraft, this is relevant as it shows that he had NO life or friends. It is around this time that former friends of Anders say that he became far more right wing. Now I’m not using this as a warning to stay away from World of Warcraft, it’s not going to turn you into a mass murderer, but obviously treat it with caution… you never know.

You might have read all of this to find out what I want to happen to Anders, and I stick to what I said in my previous post. I hope that prisoners in Norway show as much mercy and consideration to the elasticity of his bum hole as he did to the teenager who pleaded with him for his life.


One Response to “What I hope happens to ‘the hero’ Anders Behring Breivik”

  1. Muslimsarescum May 11, 2012 at 8:13 pm #

    Fuck you deep shit!

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