The London Riots – What dickheads

9 Aug

Firstly I’m not happy as I had helicopters circling over my fucking house all night. Secondly, my local high street is completely fucked up and there’s a burning double-decker at the end of my road.

What is so disgraceful about this is the fact that these people are doing this to their own communities. They aren’t doing this as some political stand, I’d probably go as far as to say I’d bet my life that of all the people involved only about 10% of them voted at the last election, if that. This is just opportunist wankers. These people should stop being massive fucking twats, have some regard for the community they live in and lastly send me some new Nike Airs.

I will get back to this later… I’m off to see how Peckham looks today


What you sayin?

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