‘The rise of the Planet of the Apes’ premiered in Peckham last night

9 Aug

Thats right, I’m calling them apes. Not because they’re black, but because they’re mindless, selfish fuckers. Obviously if the rioters and looters had been white I probably wouldn’t have called it this, but fuck it. They weren’t, end of.

The fact that these riots have spread all across the country is embarrassing. We as a nation are being judged by this, we look awful. The scenes everyone has seen over the news and the destruction I’ve witnessed to my hometown is a disgrace. It’s the sort of thing I expect to see in the other countries, not ours. I do not understand why people would do this to their own neighbourhoods, its ridiculous.

People are without homes and others have lost their livelihood. For what? So some dickhead can have a new pair of trainers? Grrrr I’m getting myself angry even writing this. They are lucky. Lucky! That they did not ruin my favourite shop, I’d have become a Batman like vigilante to tackle the fuckers who’d done that. Also they didn’t ruin my favourite jerk chicken shop, but then again walking through the high street today I noticed they hadn’t damaged ANY chicken shops. Or the job centre. So despite being mindless fuckers who have shown no regard for others, they have used there sensibility in making sure they haven’t damaged buildings that they care about and visit often.

All I hope is that the country gets a grip. The youth of today will be blamed for this and in ways it’s right they are blamed, they are the ones that did it. But people must remember this is a minority. Yes some of the youth of today are fuckers, but some of the youth of anytime have been fuckers also. I have been pleasantly surprised at the strong negative reactions I have seen through facebook. Condemning these bastards is just the start, hopefully we’ll see most of them behind bars soon… Which is quite ironic as its exactly how ‘The rise of the planet of the apes’ starts.


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