“I gotta feelin, that tonights gunna be a good night.” – It could be, but not with your music dickheads

12 Aug

“I gotta feeling that tonights gonna be a good night.
That tonights gonna be a good night.
That tonights gonna be a good good night.

Tonights the night. Night!
Lets live it up.
I got my money.
Lets spend it up.

Go out and smash it.
like Oh My God.
Jump off that sofa.
Lets get it. Get it up.”

Possibly the greatest ever lyrics I have seen. Or quite possibly the worst. It’s difficult to tell. Well it would be if you have downsyndrome. If you don’t suffer from Downsyndrome however, and you have danced to this song, then you my friend (your not my friend) are a prick. I’m not trying to be horrid. It’s just that I think your a prick. A massive one. A massive massive prick. You. A prick. Your a prick. Prick

Do better.

ps. To my vast following of Downsyndrome readers, you are not pricks. You can dance to whatever you like and you won’t look stupid. No one will judge you. If anything it would be rather endearing. If you do want to dance to something a lot better than the shit above, then you should put down your crayon and listen to some heavy, heavy drum and bass. You’ll love it so much it’ll leave you dribbling…



What you sayin?

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