I won’t tolerate being called a ‘paki’ anymore.

15 Aug

This is the type of bullshit I'm talking about

That right, its happened again, I’ve been called a Paki. This is the seventh time in four months, as you can well imagine I find this frustrating and very insulting. I’m not from Pakistan! I’m from England and I’m proud of that fact! You won’t find anyone cheering on the three lions more enthusiastically than me, you won’t find anyone who sings the national anthem with so much zeal and pride. Yet I still get called a paki. Is this right, that I, a British citizen and taxpayer should be made to feel an alien in the very town I grew up in? Be insulted as I walk down the same high street I’ve walked down almost every day since I was the age of seven. No, it’s not right, but it’s whats happening. This needs to change

And in order for it to change, I need to change. I need to ‘man up,’ swallow my fear and tell these ignorant bastards what is what. In fact next time someone does something hilarious like call me ‘paki’ or ‘korma cunt’ or the ever classic ‘balti breath’ I’m just going to scream at them, roll back my eyes, dribble and jerk my body about in a voodoo like fashion. Fair enough it’s not beating them into a pulp as I should be doing, but with my physical attributes it’d be very unlikely that I’d triumph if I attempted to. No, no, scaring them would be enough for me.

Anyway I must get going as I’ve got dinner arrangements and I need to get this face paint off beforehand.


3 Responses to “I won’t tolerate being called a ‘paki’ anymore.”

  1. Bob September 15, 2011 at 1:23 pm #

    Maybe you should stop being a Paki though, there is a big different between what people call Asians (usually Indians) and pakis. Pakis smell, act badly don’t work and are of general detriment to society. Don’t dress and act like a Paki and you probably won’t get called a Paki.

    • The Fiddler Scribbler September 15, 2011 at 1:42 pm #

      Don’t work!? I think you’ll find that ‘pakis’ do work, predominantly in tesco/asda/corner shops admittedly, but they are still working and paying tax! Which is of benefit to society!!

  2. robin January 5, 2012 at 5:25 am #

    lets unite and kill all the racists of this world.

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