I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky

17 Aug

You also believe it’s ok to video record yourself rimming a 15 year old girl. Not your normal ‘I’ll dab my tounge on that bumhole like a kitchen towel clearing up a spillage,’ no, no. Your tongue was like was a ice cream scoop searching out for the last remains of some Ben & Jerry’s. Deep inside probing, prodding, polishing and withdrawing with a sucking motion that could rival a Dyson. I can only assume that it was a last ditch attempt to get some ‘chocolate fisch food.‘ What I can’t believe is that you’d be wasting his time rimming a child when you could be out flying. I know that if I could fly I’d be be doing it ALL of the time, I wouldn’t be thinking ‘oh that girl got a tasty bumhole.’

I think this finally shows that R Kelly have been lying to all of us this whole time and actually, he can’t fly.

Or, perhaps there is a chance that he’s done so much flying that nothing excites him anymore. He’s just a lone warrior cruising the sky’s, unsure of what to do. He’s done so much, he is so much. He is a mountain, he is a tall tree, he is a swift wind, sweeping the country. He is a river, it’s down in the valley, he is a vision and he see’s clearly. If anybody asks you who he is, just stand up tall look them in the face and say…

‘He’s that star up in the sky
He’s that mountain peak up high
He made it
He’s the worlds greatest
And he’s that little bit of hope
When your backs against the ropes
Can you feel it mmmmmm?
He’s the worlds greatest

Then again perhaps don’t say that because when you consider it ‘if you are really the worlds greatest you’d be able to resist such a temptation as a hairless bumhole,’ wouldn’t you? I mean your the worlds greatest, you probably don’t even need to fuck humans, you could find some unicorns or something. I’m sure they’d have a lot more ‘fisch food’ for you than a 15 year old on a diet. If R Kelly does end up marrying a unicorn you heard it here first, remember that. I hear Charlie the unicorn is looking for someone partial to rimming and Pegasus is always on the lookout for new cock, though I’m pretty sure he can rule himself out as he doesn’t have the required spiked phallic horn R Kelly has requested.


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