White – Good. Brown, Black and Yellow – Bad.

17 Aug

When your cooking up a nice korma the accompanying rice is almost as important as the korma itself. As a known korma specialist amongst my friends, I’ve had many of them giving me their tips on making it better. My more health conscious friends said I should use black or brown rice. What?! With a korma?! Black rice despite being very nutritious does not go with curry, and neither does brown rice. These are the same two friends who recommended adding cinnamon and figs to the korma! Fools. I did however try to use ‘yellow rice,’ its the type of rice that they use in paella’s and stuff. Having been quite a fan of paella I was open to it and also knew that this type of rice really sucked up the flavour of the dish. However it was a disaster when actually used and from now on I will stick to using white rice. Thank you. Hi. Thank you. Hey. Goodbye.


What you sayin?

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