In ways… we’re all Salmon

24 Aug

Life at times is a struggle. You try everything but it always seems like your swimming upstream. That it’s requiring so much effort to move forward that in the end your left drained and down. Well, don’t feel drained, don’t feel down. Look up, smile, be happy and most importantly accept that this is how life is meant to be. Animals in nature don’t lead easy lives, everyday is a fight for survival.

We are the same. We stumble through life trying to make the best decisions for our life. In a way, we live like an Alaskan Salmon. Now if you don’t know how an Alaskan Salmon lives then I’ll quickly fill you in ; An Alaskan Salmon lives a life that takes them from the rivers and streams of Alaska’s wild frontier, to the high seas of the Pacific Ocean, and then back to the place they were born again. Starting out as small eggs in a stream bed, they hatch and begin their journey downstream towards the ocean. They spend a couple of years in the streams and rivers growing from small alevin to juvenile smolts. At the mouth of the streams and rivers, the smolts school together and ready themselves for the trip out into the ocean. During this time, their bodies change to adapt to the seawater. The young adult salmon then head out to sea and spend several years swimming in the Bering Sea and the Gulf of Alaska.

Once they have fully matured, they will swim back to their original stream or river where they re-adapt to the fresh water and swim back up the stream to reach their spawning grounds. Sometimes this means swimming up rugged rivers with miles of rapids and even waterfalls to leap. Once they get back to stream they were born in, they breed and lay their eggs. After spawning they generally die within a week, fertilizing the stream and creating a nutrient-rich environment for the new infant salmon that are about to hatch.

Can you see the similarity to their life to ours? How they grow up and go out into the ‘big bad world’ when they’ve grown up into what I suppose are their late teen years, just like us they have to fend for themselves in the ‘unknown. ‘ Their bodies adapt to deal with sea water, just as our bodies adapt during our teenage years. When they are ready to be a parent they have to struggle even more in this upstream madness, having to jump and avoid major obstacles. When they finally get back to where they themselves were born they lay their eggs.  and die to create a nutrient rich environment for their children. Now this isn’t exactly the same as our lives, but if you view this as parents passing on inheritances’ to help their children life you can see the similarity. Salmon’s lives, much like our own… are a struggle, where ultimately the best you can do… is provide the best for your kids.


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