Being homeless doesn’t make me less of a person than you.

5 Sep

When you walk past me, you look away. You all do. It’s ok, I understand, no-one wants to look at a homeless person. But why? Is it because if you look you have to give me money? Or is it that you just don’t want to look at someone who falls ‘beneath you’ in social standing? I sincerely hope its the former because despite my current situation, I am not beneath you. Sure you’ve got a better job than me. Sure you have a roof over your head. Sure you can afford to eat. But I’m not a bad person. I treat each person with respect, be it a fellow ‘tramp’ who sleeps in Greggs’ doorway or the businessman who conveniently makes a phone call before he passes me. I understand that you probably think I’m this drunk, drug addled mess who had never had any dreams in his life other than getting drunk and pissing himself to sleep. But that’s not true, I did have dreams. I still have dreams.

When you walk past me and avoid my eyes, my dreams aren’t being crushed, you can keep on doing it. That’s fine. But when you walk past and you judge me, that isn’t. You don’t know my life, you don’t know what I’ve seen, you don’t know why I’m out here on the streets. You probably feel that regardless of how my life has gone, if you’d been me, you wouldn’t be out here on the streets. But honestly, do you really know that? You don’t. There’s a chance that you’d have made better decisions than me, but much of the decision making process in my story wasn’t left to me. At 13 your not exactly equipped to go out and make it in the big bad world, your still a child, a scared child who knows fuck all.

Now, I’m not going to ask you to pity me, far from it. This is my life and I’ll play the hand I was dealt. A shit hand admittedly, but just like poker I will attempt to bluff my way through it in an attempt to win the pot. But just because you were lucky enough to be dealt two aces, a loving and financially secure family, don’t judge me because I was dealt a two of hearts and a four of spades, a dysfunctional violent family with no money. Life is a game of chance, so don’t look down on those who have been given less of a chance, and remember when you walk past me and you scrabble in your pockets for any stray 10p’s. I don’t want your change, I want a change

Though if you can’t provide that, 50p will go down nicely.


What you sayin?

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