If you ponder, let me know. Seriously, let me know. Thanks friend. Ponder?

13 Sep

As I wait I ponder. Sometimes at least. I can ponder all manner of things. I worry sometimes, I do. I ask myself ‘do I ponder too much?’ I feel that maybe I do, yet sometimes it creeps up on me that perhaps I ponder too little. That perhaps I ponder less than others. It’s not an easy question to ask to people because they probably are not fully aware of how often they ponder. It sort of creeps up on you, you don’t really notice yet you ponder. You ponder real good. A deep ponder which fills your insides. Snakelike slithering of pondering madness circles through your body. Your mind. Seeping. Dripping. Dripping. Then it’s gone. Gone. Often you don’t remember what you were pondering. Then you ponder that. It’s a vicious cycle my friends(we’re not friends). I suppose what I’m really trying to say is ‘never trust your uncle, they can do horrid horrid things.’

Mine didn’t let me play in the sandpit in regents park once. I was only about 5 but I still remember it. He was much stronger than me. Much stronger. I guess I should just leave it here. Cheers guys, cheers.


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