Who wants to live forever?

20 Sep

A contemplative cigarette whilst listening to ‘Queens, Who wants to live forever,’ led me to ask myself, does anyone want to live forever? Certainly Voldemort did, but other than fictional characters I’m not sure there can be many. I certainly don’t. Can you imagine the amount of health problems you would have? Leaky bowels, memory loss and the agility of Nelsons column. Fuck that. It pains me to see old people struggling along at a snails pace. Their wrinkled face contorted with the effort of pushing their little shopping carts against the wind. Poor bastards. Now I’m not saying that if I was in that situation that I’d want to be put out of my misery or anything, but fuck me I’m not looking forward to it.

On the plus side, I have met some very happy pensioners, jolly souls who have enjoyed life whatever age they’ve been. They don’t let health problems affect them, they just get on with their life and maximize what little they have left of it. Or share what little they have left with the one they love. It’s an incredible testament to the power of love that people who are in relationships live longer, healthier lives due to it. That people who suffer from cancer are on average going to live a year longer than those without a relationship. Whether it’s because you’ve got more to live for or the support you receive from that person or just that love gives you that extra year to share, I do not know, but there’s something special about love.

Now don’t worry, I’m not going soppy on you. I brought up love for I feel it has a major impact on the question ‘who wants to live forever.’ Love is what would make you want to live forever. Love is what would make you want that extra year. Love. If I could stop the clock now, stay this age and live with my girlfriend/boyfriend forever, I’m sure I’d consider it. But then I’d be missing out on so much, becoming a dad/mum, watching my naughty children grow into adults, watching my children struggle with their naughty children and of course…being able to get OAP discount. You get a free TV license as well! (Admittedly I’ve had that for the last 4 years anyway, but at least when I’m old it’d be free legally).

Ultimately I feel that life is like one big game of rugby. You get knocked down, you get up again. You have wave after wave of problems, you tackle them. You don’t always use the correct technique but you’ve given it a go. The game carries on, you get more motivation. You drive, drive, drive, towards that goal line. You score. Your start again. Trying, trying, trying to get further up the pitch. And then you get tired, injuries start to set in. You coach subs you, you sit out the rest of the game on the bench. Watching as your younger team mates make the same mistakes you did earlier on in the game. You shout advice from the sideline. Your tired, your injured. The final whistle goes. The games over. Your team mates remember your contribution.


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