I have been bad

27 Oct

I have been bad. My regular updates have become… irregular, and for this I apologize. I understand that my absence has led to a few of my followers committing suicide and for this once again I apologize. The thing is… I’ve been busy. Doing nothing. You have n0 idea how time consuming this is!

What I can offer is my pledge to do better. To update more regularly, and for those of you who like ‘your filth’ I can tell you there will be some of that to come. For those of you who like pretty little tales about fairies and flowers, there is also that to come! You see I’ve changed, I’ve decided to appeal to the mass market. There’s going to be wonderful stories which will leave children gasping in delight. Parents will use ‘The Gash Write’ for bedtime stories, I mean who wouldn’t want their children reading about adventure tales about fairies? Fairies getting gang raped by a group of AIDS ravaged Turks.

Fuck the mass market, lets keep it rapey!


What you sayin?

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