I wish people would get over their prejudice and just accept my girlfriend for who she is.

28 Oct

Recently I’ve been getting fed up at the amount of people who stare at my girlfriend whilst we’re out. I even had some bastard come up to us whilst we were kissing and tell me that I’m “disgusting to go out with someone like that.” Someone like that! This isn’t the 1930’s, the world has moved on since then. Why is it still so taboo to be with someone who isn’t the exactly the same as you? I like variety, I don’t need to have a carbon copy of myself to be happy, I need something different.

And that’s exactly what my girlfriend is, she’s different. Sure she doesn’t always get my jokes, we don’t like the exact same foods and as opposed to me she likes to get bed to early, but despite all our differences it works. It works really well. It means that I get to take on some of her culture, meet her friends (who are a lovely bunch, but they get a bit rowdy after a few drinks!) and generally just experience something new. BUT it does get me down seeing the amount of stares we get, people looking at me when I have my hand on her bum and people shouting at us when we kiss. I just don’t understand how people can be so narrow minded! Aren’t we taught to treat people the same regardless of colour, religious beliefs or disabilities?

It just makes me sad that in a so called ‘forward thinking accepting society’ I can’t kiss and touch up my girlfriend in public without people making a huge fuss about it. They need to grow up and accept that just because someone has down syndrome doesn’t mean they can’t have a loving (and sexually charged) relationship.


What you sayin?

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