Halloween… This has nothing to do with it.

1 Nov

So I’ve just finished discharging myself into someone. Was pretty good. 8/10

She’s telling me that’s it’s ok to blog (after I mentioned that I needed to write something tonight) but then again who is she to tell me anything!? Honestly who is she?! ‘She’ as a term for a start is wrong. The Fiddler Scribbler is an enigma, they are neither man nor woman (and certainly not a tranny). Just pure cunt.

So me telling you that I just discharged myself into a beautiful girl leaves me either a lesbian (squirting) or a mystery person who just exposed themselves as a man (a particularly good looking man if I don’t say so myself. I DO SAY SO. VERY GOOD LOOKING)

It’s not really surprising I would be willing to expose myself though… you know, if the alternative is a REAL lesbian.

REAL lesbians these days.


What you sayin?

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