Ticket Inspectors/Traffic Wardens/Revenue Protection Officers… You are SCUM.

8 Nov

I fully understand that in this current economic climate that everyone needs a job, that everyone needs to be able to afford a roof over their head and food in their bellies. But this is no excuse for the bastards I’ve listed above, there is no excuse for them. I believe if Jesus were alive today; instead of healing a blind man, he would make a traffic warden blind. Rather than healing a man of leprosy, he would give it to a ticket inspector and instead of sacrificing himself for our sins, he would crucify revenue protection officers for their sins.

I’m not even exaggerating. Honestly, these people are parasites. I have no qualms with them doing the jobs they’ve been employed to do, but what I can’t stand is the way they go about it. Traffic wardens waiting next to a parking metre and filling out a ticket 5-10 minutes before the allotted time before skipping off delighted at the evil they have committed. A previous partner of mine came back to find a ticket on their car a full 15 minutes earlier than the time remaining. Just the other day my current partner was fined on a bus despite having beeped in their oyster card, which apparently didn’t show up on their readers. This is bullshit as I was there to witness and hear them beep it in. I suppose what really frustrates me about these people (if we can even call them people, in fact we can’t. From now on they will be referred to as cretins) is that they won’t listen. You can’t reason with them, even if they are the ones in the wrong and as soon as you start to get angry with them they try to get you arrested for abusive behaviour towards them.

I’m sorry but if someone is going out of their way to be a fucking prick, you should be allowed to call them a fucking prick. If someone is going out of their way to not understand you, you should be allowed to call them a fucking retard and if someone is having the audacity to steal money off you, then you should be allowed to pay a crack head to go and rape the cunt who did it.

These cretins have no hearts.
These cretins have no brains.
I could watch them all being burnt alive in one massive pit and not feel a flicker of emotion.

I jest, of course I’d feel some type of emotion.


What you sayin?

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