To my followers who like their filth, I apoligize

30 Nov

Ok, so you might have noticed in the past week, the content of ‘The Gash Write’ has taken a somewhat different path. Rather than the normal route- skipping down a dark, dingy alley, witnessing (and performing) some rapes, jacking up on some heroin and throwing rocks at Muhammad (pbuh), it has crept down the ‘private road, no trespassing’ and reported on what really goes on in the respected Mr Fritzl’s basement. You may ask “why Fiddler Scribbler have you taken a different path? There were probably a few people you could have raped on your standard route.” Your right, there would’ve been. “You missed an opportunity to throw rocks at Muhammad(pbuh), that’s not like you!” Once again, you are right. So why, why, why did I take a different route? The reason is… I was fed up, not fed up of raping and throwing rocks at Muhammad(pbuh), nay, never. No, I was fed up of the deceit and lies we are spoon fed every day. We go about our life, striving to better it. We work in jobs we don’t like, we pay our taxes, we line the pockets of the filthy rich and we are treated like shit for it. Like shit. I don’t want to be eating or drinking something which has been proven to cause cancer. This isn’t a ‘we fear it could cause cancer’ thing, this is a ‘we know it causes cancer but we’re gunna keep it quiet, this worlds got too many people anyway. Particularly niggers, hispanics and fags’

How does it feel being a statistic? That’s what we are. Statistics. The people who have the power don’t care for you, they don’t care for your friend who has cancer, they don’t care that your grandma is having a torrid time making freshly baked scones due to her arthritis. They don’t care. Do you think that if a pharmaceutical company found out that injecting Calpol cured cancer they would let people know? Fuck would they! There’s no profit in that, and that is the plain and horrible truth. Money is more important than your life, your families lives and your local traffic wardens life (Admittedly, I’d probably swap a traffic wardens life for a piece of dark chocolate…and I fucking hate dark chocolate). So, whilst I do apologize profusely for veering from my standard content, I feel I have to. We, the people, are left in the dark about so many things. We hear what ‘the powers that be’ want us to hear, nothing else. All the little political scandals we hear of are exactly that, little. They are nothing compared to the actual truth that’s out there. So, if you have come on hoping for a little bit of filth I’m sorry to disappoint you. BUT rest assured once I’ve done with my YOU FUCKING CUNTS rants, I’ll be back. Normal service will resume. I will creep back into that dark and dingy alley, I will witness, I will perform, I will jack up and I will certainly throw rocks at that smelly Muhammad(pbuh). I eagerly anticipate my next Jihad


One Response to “To my followers who like their filth, I apoligize”

  1. chuck norris jokes December 24, 2011 at 10:37 pm #


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