I like Obama, but this is bullshit.

15 Dec

Earlier today the U.S. held a flag ceremony in Baghdad, signifying the end of of U.S military operations in Iraq. In his speech President Obama said…

“You have shown why the US military is the finest fighting force in the history of the world”

Are you fucking joking? In the history of the world?! Fuck you. What is he basing this on? Comparative scores? ‘Only 4500 of ours died, whereas 100,000 of theirs died. We beat them 20-1.’ Not even counting the British servicemen that died in ‘friendly fire’ from our inept neighbours across the pond. I have the utmost respect for the servicemen who have served and given their lives for their country, despite not agreeing with the reasoning behind the conflict. But if you gave some Romanian peasants $1 TRILLION to spend, I’m sure they could put together quite a force themselves.

I don’t believe the U.S. army has anything on the Romans or Hitlers Germany, I don’t even believe it has anything on the current British army. Sure they have more personnel, they have more money, but they don’t have the same training. They are too trigger happy and lack compassion.

I am here, I know, tarnishing a large group of adept soldiers with the same brush as some of quite frankly retarded senseless killers, and I do apoligise, I’m just rather angry with the choice of words. Today’s speech should’ve all been about ushering a new age for Iraq. Thanking all the service men from all nationalities for giving Iraq the oppurtunity to govern itself and prosper. Not banding on about the ‘mighty force’ of their military.

Once again can I say to my American readers, this is not an attack on you. It is an attack on your countries leaders past and present and the path that they have led this world down. You don’t like it or agree? Read what they have done http://bit.ly/vgGls5


What you sayin?

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