Contemplating the existence of a ‘God.’

16 Dec

When I look up to the sky at night sometimes I do wonder ‘can our existence just be a coincidence? Are we here just through luck or is there a greater purpose?’ There are so many beautiful things on this planet, surely there has to be some type of creator of all this? An architect.

If you consider such things as the golden ratio and the Fibonacci sequence, these are prevalent in nature. Almost everything revolves around them, including our own DNA and bone structure. It’s almost like ‘God’ (lets take it that he/she/it exists) has designed us and our planet using a computer. He/she/it has written an algorithm on how it should be designed, pressed ‘create,’ it renders and from it we and everything around us are sprung.

Why, if we are to believe that there is no creator, does nature exist strictly using these fundamental design principles? This isn’t just about ‘how many rings a tree stump has’ or ‘how many seeds a sunflower has,’ this is about everything. Even reproduction. If you take bees for example, their reproduction follows the Fibonacci sequence. Firstly you should know that males bees are produced by the queen’s unfertilized eggs, so they have only a mother, there is no father. The female bee however, has both a father and a mother. Now if you take one male bee, how many parents he has, how many grand-parents, great-grand-parents and so on… You see that the number of bees of each generation follow the Fibonacci series exactly. This applies to both males and females, as well in almost every other species. It just seems like there is a design behind all this. Almost like this is in fact ‘a matrix’ world.

I’d almost take this as prove that a God does indeed exist. But not the God that Christians, Muslims, Jews… blah blah blah believe in. I feel that the God they believe in is a fictitious God created by man to instill rules for people to be governed. To strike fear into people to make them abide by rules. ‘If you do this you’ll burn in hell for eternity, if you don’t do this you’ll burn… blah blah blah.’ The people who have written these rules have no right or permission from ‘God’ to do this. God has not given us rules. We have given ourselves rules. I should add that I’m not against many of these rules, they are there to make us more considerate and better human beings. I’m against this ‘our religion is right, yours is wrong, you will burn…’

If God exists he/she/it isn’t the head of any religion, they are merely a designer. In this vast Universe is it beyond belief that perhaps planet Earth is merely a project for ‘far more advanced’ beings? That the design of Earth was merely work, in the same way that an animator who has designed Toy Story 3 is work? I don’t see why that is any less believable than the fundamental beliefs of the ‘back story’ of other religions. People let their lives be ruled by what some men (who didn’t practice what they preached) wrote hundreds and hundreds of years ago. If God existed you don’t need to praise him/her/it for them to accept you. You just need to take care of this beautiful planet they designed for us, and for all nature. Lets take Muslims for example, they are required to pray 5 times a day and fast for a month in order to satisfy their God. Yet many don’t recycle, many will drive to something only one mile away rather than walking. Is that taking care of this planet provided for you? No, its not. I’m sure God in his/her/its infinite wisdom would prefer them to cut down on the praying and sharpen up on protecting this world (if I get more Jihads for saying this, fuck off! Do the world a favour, become a suicide bomber, but only kill yourself. What I’m saying applies to all religions but the fact Muslims pray 5 times a day made it a better example and that’s why they were used).

God is who you want God to be, not what you are told they are. Live your life happy, follow your own heart and live by the moral compass instilled in you. If you do this then no God can be angry with you, and if they are, then that’s not the type of God you want to be associating with anyway. Be happy, don’t worry, enjoy yourself. There’s as much chance that we are a creation of a spotty alien computer geek as we are a creation of God.


What you sayin?

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