Does Kim Jong-il’s death spell a brighter future for North Korea?

19 Dec

If you have little knowledge of North Korea and what goes on there, I would suggest watching this (though admittedly, pretty much everyone has very little knowledge on it, including the North Koreans themselves!)

There are some who believe the “dear leader’s” death will usher in a new age of openness with international diplomatic ties being re-established. From what I’ve read about it however, it would seem that this is unlikely to happen. The future leader, Kim-Jong-il’s fattest son (picture above) is very much an ‘unknown entity.’ For all we know, he could be a raving nutter. A nutter who would have no hesitation in pressing a ‘big red nuke button.’

If North Korea were to become more open and knowledge of the outside world was more readily available to its people, even more of them would defect. Without doubt. The threat of repercussions to family members left behind is what has kept a lot of them there already. Although if opinion polls are anything to go by, the north Korean people are the happiest people in the entire world. The fact that claiming to be unhappy could have you carted off to a labour work camp surely has nothing to do with the results.

How do you feel you would react if you were a North Korean? Would you defect? Would you attempt a coup? Or would you stick it out for the sake of your family? It’s quite a conundrum to be in. There is of course the possibility that people there are genuinely happy, but I find this hard to believe. A lack of food, electricity and the worry of being sent to a gulag for any discrepancy would be too much for me. But if you are told each and every day that you are the happiest people on this planet, that your great leader is the greatest leader and that elsewhere people scavenge on the streets and in bins for food, wouldn’t you be grateful to be there? You were born into this, indoctrinated from a young age to view the outside world as an enemy. It’s a bleak existence. Those who are fortunate enough to defect into South Korea are put into a school for two months to prepare them for the modern world. They are shocked at the availability of food, being able to possess a mobile phone and being able to access the internet.

Anyway, this isn’t my normal type of post, but with it being such a monumental day I felt I had to have a little natter about it. I have high hopes for the future of North Korea but don’t believe that we’ll see any progress for quite a number of years. Until that day, lets pray that the new fat leader, Kim Jong Un won’t press any ‘nuke buttons’ and if you think about it, there’s a good chance he may establish ties with the international community for the sole purpose of stuffing his fat face with Krispy Kreme’s. They’re that good.


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