sentences. better are than. words. letters. mean more. space.

10 Jan

LOWERcase. rendering mean. medium. mode. cases or case – those that define themselves as case or cases but are in fact LOWER.
not to be con-fused, nor fuzzled with the the the whims o whams of case casing. a villainous utterance that speak -> no more -> shall.

where whimsical dealings give but little regard to social norms. forms that be pendent-de on such such. hush, now hush.

inDEED oi, with seasonal changes and changes of season. the eb-flow of flowing eb hinders the hindering of those grubgrab snubbers who would have it hindered beyond hindered. grubbing their way. grabbing their way. cretinous filth

see you starve. they would. future looks dark. future looks bad. down go eyes, down go hopes. times, bad are, times.

yet in this time. in times such-> these -<-> as. Awaken! Awaken!

Get yourself down to
Southampton Way

Go to the Chinese on that road between 12-5pm Mon-Fri and you can get
1. A soup of your choice
2. A main meal of your choice
3. 3 Spring rolls

All for £3.50, and it’s actually really fucking good! If you want further discount, then follow these instructions

1. It has to be the bloke who looks about 38-45. There’s only two other people who work there, one about 70, the other about 25, so it should be easy for you to know which one this is. Also 95% of the time he’s the one who takes your order.
2. Place your order.
3. When he asks for the £3.50, say ‘shut up you Chinese cunt, I ain’t paying’ and wink twice at him with each eye. So 4 winks in total. This is the secret password, it will get you a £1 discount. If you can be kind enough to pass me on as the referrer that would be greatly appreciated, it means I get more chicken pieces in my soup. My referral password is ‘your eyes are hilarious.’
4. Enjoy your discount Chinese meal.


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