My 100th post- This World needs medicine.

13 Apr

When I considered what subject matter I should tackle for my 100th post I must admit I was almost at a loss. For surely, as a milestone, it should be something that is absolutely fantastic. Something that burns the retinas of those reading it. Or failing that, at least something that leaves a damp/sticky patch in the underwear of the reader. Looking back at many of my previous posts I see I’ve often stuck to writing some offensive material and reveled in the angry comments and occasional Jihads that poured in. This is exactly what ‘The Gash Write’ was all about. Too occasionally offend many, yet entertain a few.

The best few. The few who like their humour dirtier than Muhammad’s dusty sandals.

BUT, things change. Now I’m not suggesting that ‘The Gash Write’ won’t continue to do this. Nay, nay. It will, believe me. It’s just that in a world full of so many vile people and happenings, I feel I have to voice an opinion. To condemn these bastards. I don’t expect to change others opinions, I don’t expect to change anything really -yet if I can (in my infinite wisdom) voice some truths about evil that exists in this world, then perhaps one person will tell another, who tells another, who writes about it, their readers tell others, who write about it, who tell… Blah blah blah, you get the idea. The domino effect. This might, you may feel, not change anything in this world, and you’re entitled to think that. Hell, I’m almost of the same mind. Yet as the people of this world become more aware of the atrocities that are committed, the people who commit them have a harder time committing them.

The people who have power are those who set out to have power. These are the worst people to have power for that very fact. I’m not going to bullshit my way through trying to explain what I feel we should do to make this world a better place, because frankly I’d have no idea. Sure, I can think of a few things, but for everyone of those ‘few things’ I could think of, there’s a million other things I’d miss.

Diseases that have never existed before keep cropping up. Incurable ones that actively search out the black genome. Why? Because they were made to do this. To rid this world of ‘useless eaters,’ namely anyone that isn’t white. “This world is over-populated, depopulation is key to its survival.” This is bullshit. Science, love and acceptance are the keys to our survival. I could go on and on, but I feel I won’t express what I want to say with what it deserves. I’m not attempting to portray myself as some type of messiah here, far from it, I am but a sheep in this. What I want to say is ‘out there,’ has been expressed by others, but needs repeating, repeating, repeating.

What I want you to do is listen to this speech by Charlie Chaplin in ‘The Great Dictator.’ Listen to it, don’t watch it. You can watch it after by all means, but for the first time, just listen. Take in everything he says. See how a speech made in a film made 80 years ago resonates perfectly with today’s world. Hear the truth in these words. For one thing is for sure… If the people of this world lived by this mantra, it would be a much greater place.

This is a link for something I wrote previously about AIDS. Where it came from, who made it and why. This is not bullshit. Read some of it, hopefully it’ll grab your interest enough for you to research some of it for yourselves, because I can’t convince you, only you can convince you. You might think ‘fuck off, likely that AIDS is man made’ and dismiss it. But honestly what is the harm in looking into it? This is genocide on a far greater scale than the holocaust, surely if there is even a shred of doubt it’s worth looking into?

If you really can’t be fucked to read it, then at least give the timeline at the bottom of this a read. It demonstrates instances where the U.S. Government has purposely attacked their own citizens using biological warfare. Instances that the U.S. Government has ADMITTED to. If they do this on their own citizens, what do you think they would be prepared to do to citizens of other countries? The answer? Far worse. Hopefully if you’re one of the ‘I can’t be fucked to read the first link,’ it will persuade you to read it after.

My title to this post is ‘the world needs medicine’ and it does. Too much evil exists. Evil created by greed and fear. We need enlightenment and we need it fast.


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