What is this about?
What are you all about? Seriously. List your qualities. Now list your faults, and be honest. Brutally so.

Are there more faults than qualities? Oh dear. You my friend are either a bad person or a depressive. Or a Jew. Now I don’t want to be hearing any ‘thats anti-semetic!’ It’s not, I’m Jewish. I’m also not. Agreed, the price of courgettes has risen steeply. Going off -> Point -> Expect more.

But honestly, what is this all about?
This is about expression. Expression to do what you want, say what you want, fuck it, even feel what you want. It’s about freedom. The freedom to say such things as ‘eating spinach gives you AIDS,’ or ‘aren’t Muslims a friendly bunch?’ They might not necessarily be true, but at least you’ve said something, you’ve put it out there.

Where is there?
There is here.            It’s also here. And here.         And here. It’s everywhere.

You still haven’t told me. What does The Gash Write actually do?
The Gash write exists as a platform for The Fiddler Scribbler to share his/her/its thoughts on events, issues and any random bollucks.  

Anything else?

Yes, shhhh.


What you sayin?

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