This page is dedicated to you ‘the readers.’ If you have an issue you want addressed by The Gash Write and it’s resident contributor The Fiddler Scribbler then send it in. He/She/It endeavors to speedily give his/her/its insightful opinion on whatever subject matter.

Maybe you have an issue with a previous post and wish it to be retracted? This is unfortunately against the rules set down by the  highly arousing publication ‘The Gash Write.’ However, if you really, really, really feel strongly about it then send your comments in and we’ll judge the situation and see what we can do. (The Gash Write holds no responsibility if you send a request for a post to be removed and the next 5 posts are about the exact same thing, only this time more offensive)  

Or perhaps you just want to send him/her/it a Jihad, as is often the case. The Gash Write is happy to pass on any Jihad’s to The Fiddler Scribbler providing there are no grammatical errors. Whilst he/she/it welcomes Jihad’s, he/she/it does not abide by declarations of them with no effort to ensure correct spelling.



What you sayin?

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