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England, England, England.

30 Mar

My blessed darling country England is in the shit. Why?

The Cuntservitive Party. Anybody who voted for them the last election should hang their head in shame. YOU, are responsible for the hardship that many people now face. How could you not see what was coming? Vote Tory and you get education, welfare and healthcare cuts. Simple. They aren’t a party who looks out for the working man, for the average man. No, this is a party who serves to serve the rich and shit all over the poor.

Those who voted for the Liberal Democrats. Well… I hope you’ve learned your lesson. It’s not your fault. Who could have foreseen Mr Clegg getting on all fours and being finger banged by Cameron whilst having to perform a rim job on Osborne? This should serve as a reminder that power corrupts. I can’t imagine that Mr Clegg saw his life going this way. You can’t expect to do much as a Liberal Democrat MP other than serve your constituency and occasionally ask a question in Prime Ministers questions. So to get to be Deputy Prime Minister must be a dream come true… Except. Mr Clegg has now alienated a whole generation of Liberal Democrat voters. We are unlikely to forget how they have sold their souls to get but a little suckle on the power tit. Shame. On. Them.

Shame on the media as well. The media who were such major cunts to the Labour party and Brown. The media who told you to vote Cuntservitive. The media who now make out like they were against the Cuntservitive’s from the start. The media is fickle, don’t be the same.

I only hope that when the next election comes that people stop and think.
Don’t be told by newspapers who to vote. Don’t just vote selfishly on what is best for you, vote on what is best for this country and its future. Vote for your children, not your tax’s.