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Depression, Depression, O’ Depression.

8 Mar

In my personal opinion.
Depression is your mind telling you that you’re not good enough.
So instead of accepting your minds criticism.
Why don’t you fight it?

If your brain is telling you that you’re too ugly.
Tell it to fuck off.
Have you seen a brain? It’s grim.
However ugly you are. You’re still better looking.

If your brain is telling you that you’re too fat, that you can’t run.
Tell it to fuck off.
I haven’t seen a brain go running. Go running. Beat it.
However fat you are. You can still lose it.

If your brain is telling you that you’re too stupid.
Tell it to fuck off.
Remind this brain, ‘you are my brain, you’re the stupid cunt.’

Are you a creative mind and as such see the world slightly differently to those around? Slightly different, yet at times it seems a lot?
Easy menial tasks and things such as Maths are a struggle. Deep down you think you’re different.
It’s because you are. Be happy for it.
Express the person you are. Take your creativity and do something with it, channel yourself through your talents.
And if your brain tells you you’re not good enough.
Tell it to fuck off.
You are.

Fight against depression, don’t accept it. Half the battle is lost when you accept that you have depression. You get caught up in the whirlwind of its misery and wallow deeper, deeper, deeper.

Find any distraction you can.
Run, write, walk, draw, socialize, read, watch.

Don’t think about how miserable you are.
Think about how miserable others should be, yet aren’t. Others who know no different to the daily sufferings they experience.
Your troubles are nothing really. Nothing in the grand scheme of things.
You don’t go to bed starving

This world is an amazing place, take comfort from that.
It’s also a very shit place, take comfort from that.
Be happy that you don’t have to experience ‘the shit.’ -Because you really don’t. You have it good.

Yes, I don’t know you, I don’t know what you’ve been through, so maybe I don’t know ‘if you have it good.’ But the fact you are reading this using a computer or laptop implies to me that you do. Or at the very least, you have the ability to make it good. If you suffer from depression due to something that happened in your childhood, an overly friendly uncle perhaps? Whilst yes, you experienced something awful. Stop and think. Do you really want what happened to ruin your one life on this world? You get one chance to make this life good, so make it. We take so much from our past that we forget the future. Your past shouldn’t inhibit you. It’s gone. It’ll never return. Your future should excite you. It’s coming. You can shape it.

“…… but you don’t understand, what I have is so much more, I try to fight it, but I can’t. It consumes me, I can’t do anything about it.” – Shut the fuck up.

If you’re really too depressed to help yourself get out of it. How about helping others?
– Help at a soup kitchen.
– Work with under-privileged kids.
– Volunteer at a hospice.

It will…
Perspective. In. Things. Put.